The 2018 schedule will be closing November 10th. If the weather is nice and you still want to get a few last lessons in, please call to make day-by-day arrangements. Once cold weather is here to stay, those will be done for the season, too. See you all in March!

Lesson Fee Information

Trailer in with your horse — $30.00/hr
Lesson on my horses — $35.00/hr (very limited availability!)
Travel to you (price increases with extended travel time) — $35.00/hr
All Trail Lessons outside of arena with your horse — $40.00/ First 1 1/2 hrs.
All Trail Lessons outside of arena you riding my horses — $45.00/First 1 1/2 hrs.
($20.00 subsequent hours for all Trail Lessons)
**Gift Certificates Available**
**Credit Cards Accepted**

Lessons/training available at your home in the Augusta County area or trailer to my home to use my 100×200 riding ring, the schooling jump trail that winds through hills and woods, or the many trails for riding in the surrounding forest.

“Learning to be an equestrian is like learning a new language. You can learn on your own, but having someone who is fluent in the language teach you is far quicker and can help prevent needless mistakes and misunderstandings. But, just as important as instruction, spending time with the ones whose language you are trying to learn is critical. Nothing promotes a better understanding and gives a greater grasp of the nuances of communication more than spending time with horses and constantly using and developing your new communication skills.”

Contact Information

Phone: (540) 292-1654

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